A little over half of a mile, which adds up to approximately a four-minute drive, brings you from the Embarcadero neighborhood to North Beach Pipeline. We’re located at 1335 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, easily accessible and most definitely worth the trip. Step inside our cannabis dispensary and enter a whole new world of possibility and potential. We don’t only carry the brands you’ve heard of but showcase those rare treasures that deserve to be noticed.

Showcasing equity-owned companies, promoting acceptance and welcoming newcomers, loyal locals, tourists, and the sophisticated expert, North Beach Pipeline is truly everybody’s shop. You’re going to find familiar and new favorites, get excited by our recreational and medicinal marijuana collection, and enjoy spending time with us. Along with the extensive and exceptional quality of products, our knowledgeable team is just awesome.

Browse our shelves and inhale the perfectly pungent aromas of fresh indoor and sun-grown flower. Appreciated the affordability of singles and packs of pre-rolls. Explore the sublime textures and incredible potency of shatter, wax, hash, diamonds, and all sorts of concentrates. Take advantage of the compact packaging of tinctures, the discretion of vapes, or the soothing properties of topicals. It’s hard to resist our collection of edibles. Candies, drinks, chocolates, honey, baked goods, and capsules are just the beginning. North Beach Pipeline is the ideal cannabis destination.

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