North Beach Pipeline is a smaller, owner-operated cannabis dispensary, perfectly located in San Francisco and open daily. Neighborhood-oriented and community-focused, we are something different than the big-box sellers. Step into a fun, dynamic, and welcoming vibe, where you’re always welcomed by an awesome staff who is genuinely delighted to greet new people, make connections and share insight and inspiration.

Our shelves are a true discovery of everything from well-known favorites to relatively unknown yet incredible finds. We bring equity brands to the forefront, promoting quality over popularity, and offering an exciting, amazing, and diverse selection of recreational and medicinal marijuana. Stop in and see for yourself. Explore new possibilities, get assistance from our knowledgeable team of professionals, and elevate your experience.

Whether you browse online or in-shop, our extensive array of options exceeds expectations and opens up new avenues for the well-practiced connoisseur as well as the beginner. From curative properties and incredible THC levels to exotic terpenes, discretion, and every desired effect, our menu provides all that and more. Indoor and sun-grown flower, infused pre-rolls, carts, candies, beverages, balms, waxes, tinctures for your pet and so much potential awaits you at North Beach Pipeline.

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