Sunset Pipeline is situated in the Sunset District suburb of San Francisco. We are a quick and easy drive from Daly City and provide a convenient, quality, and rewarding source for all of your recreational cannabis needs. We cater to the over 21 seasoned connoisseur and novice alike, guiding you through our unmatched selection of concentrates, edibles, flower strains, and gear with personalized and knowledgeable recommendations. We fulfill your preferences and achieve your goals through carefully curated products and a better understanding of the healing properties of the cannabis plant.


Come in and see what’s new and try out innovative ingestion methods. Browse our high-end Dispensary, relax in our Lounge, and connect with others like you. For shopping, smoking, vaping, wellness, and a more peaceful state-of-mind, Sunset Pipeline ensures a no-rush, stress-free, and comfortable environment. Step through our doors, into an oasis away from everyday pressure. It is our privilege to serve as your source for recreational cannabis.

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