Located in the Sunset District suburb of San Francisco, Sunset Pipeline is a quick and easy drive from Mill Valley. Pay us a visit and see what you’ve been missing. You’ll be delighted by our modern, clean, and welcoming cannabis dispensary and amazed by our unequaled selection of products. Our extensive facility includes a high-end dispensary where you can enjoy shopping, smoking, vaping, and relaxing. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is happy to answer questions and provide personalized recommendations.


Sunset Pipeline draws clients from Mill Valley and all the surrounding areas. Our carefully curated concentrates, edibles, flower strains, and gear, represent exceptional quality and promote overall wellness. Our goal is to ensure a rewarding experience in a setting that is professional, comfortable, stress-free, and educational. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned connoisseur, targeting aches and pains, or in search of a more peaceful state of being, Sunset Pipeline caters to you.

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